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Weight Loss Tracker & Nutrition Reports

OnTarget Nutrition's easy to understand weight tracking charts and nutrition reports offer visual insight into your diet. Track weight loss progress and monitor diet goals to stay motivated and on target! A few samples of what OnTarget Nutrition's charts and reports provide are:

  • Weight Tracking
  • Complete Nutritional Analysis
  • Custom Tracking



Food Diary
Food Diary
Exercise Tracker
Exercise Tracker

Tracking your weight helps you lose it. Chart your weight loss progress weekly and monthly to see how far you've come and how much you have achieved.

Sample Weight Tracking Chart & Reports:

Weight Tracker

weight-loss-tracker-chart The Weight Tracker charts your weight loss success over time.
  • Tracking weight goal milestones keeps you motivated to reach your target weight!

(Note: If your goal is weight gain the weight tracker also charts weight gain progress.)

Custom Tracking Reports

body-measurement-tracking This specialized Custom Tracking Report tracks any values you choose such as:
  • Waist size and other body measurements.
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Energy and mood levels.



Nutrition Report

nutrition-tracker-report The Daily Nutrition Report reveals if you are meeting or exceeding nutritional targets.

Easily see if you are getting enough vital nutrients. Are you getting enough protein, fiber, calcium, and iron in your diet? Are you exceeding your sodium, sugar, or cholesterol targets?

Find which of your foods and meals have the best nutritional benefit and make adjustments to meet your nutritional goals.

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