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These member comments are taken directly from our OnTopic Community.
“Five months ago I began my journey to a better, healthier, happier me. It was not always easy, but with changing my daily routine came changes in my body, I started to really pay attention to what I was eating, and to focus on exercising every day… I am happy to report that I went from 209 lbs to 140 lbs, 15 lbs to my goal of 125 lbs. I have more energy than I have had in a long time and am excited to try new outdoor activities. To all the “me’s” out there - I want to say that u can do this!”
~C. from Clearwater

“This site is really helping me learn how to eat better. I am able to input my foods throughout the day so I can use it to plan my next meals (and find what I am lacking).”
~F. from Sydney

“A bit over a month and I have lost 6 pounds….I love the format of this site.  The recipe tool is the best I’ve ever seen – sometimes I just enter a recipe to see if I want to make it and pay the calorie price for eating it.  And creating my own foods works out great, especially for the ones I use often.”
~M. from Fairwater
“A co-worker started OnTarget Nutrition about a year ago and has lost 70 pounds.  It literally saved his life.  He is so passionate about it that I thought I would give it a try.”
~J. from Denver
“I just started this program a week ago and have already lost about 5 pounds.  I find it helpful to track all my eating to see where I am doing well or lacking.  I find accountability, especially when you are just getting started is key.  No one is going to do that for you like you can do it for yourself.  Set small goals for yourself so you can stay motivated and energized.  I love this site!”
~A. from Toronto
“I started this site 4 weeks ago. I lost about 6 pounds initially and was excited, but have already started slacking! It's mostly due to two road trips, but that is no excuse. Usually when I start slacking, I give up. But this site is helping me realize that in the past month, I have done better than I ever expected. I am already motivated to keep doing well, and so far, this Saturday has been the healthiest of all my weekends! I love reading the support OTN members offer. Thanks!”
~H. from Cape Coral
I'm celebrating my 5 month anniversary on OTN, since the beginning of my journey, with a 64 lb loss.  I am 19 lbs away from my goal.  I want to offer encouragement to all out there, we can do this, it may take some time, but stay motivated, eat well, exercise, and we will get there.”
~M. from Omaha
“Okay, I have been on this site for 110 days and I have lost 16 pounds, and 25 inches. So we just bought a new treadmill on the weekend and am hoping to lose at least 15 pounds by the end of June ( my daughters graduation day) Going to be more faithful on tracking my food intake- I started to slide a bit this past week and don't want to fall off the wagon. Thanks I just wanted to share :)”
~J. from Rochester
“On Day 11 and I am down 6 lbs!  WoooWhooo!”
~K. from Kingston
“Just hit day 14 of tracking my calories and I have stayed under 1675 calories per day!  Yeah and lost 9 pounds!
~E. from Calgary
“Wow, I have only been on for 7 days and lost 2 pounds.”
~A. from Perth 
“This site is awesome I am really tracking everything I eat the right way, and it’s making my quest fun!
~A. from Montreal
Lost 5 lbs in one week, I really love this site.  It helps you keep on track.”
~K. from San Diego
Lost 6 pounds so far and just love this site”
~N. from Newbury Park
“Today I complete 4 months since I found OnTarget Nutrition, 55lbs down, getting a little harder to drop, but taking it one day at a time.”
~C. from Sacramento
“This is a great forum to get real answers!  So grateful, after 3 months on Weight Watchers’ new plan, I’d lost 3 pounds and felt like I was eating nothing.  One day I tracked my calories and discovered I was eating 1600 calories a day!  Now I try to keep it around 1200 with this great site and tools and I’m finally losing more than a pound a month.  Hooray!  Plus the interface is SO much easier to use, thanks to all the forum help.:)
~D. from Gilbert
“It is my 3 month anniversary on OTN and I have dropped 43 pounds!  Feeling better each day, I am now more than 50% to my goal….doing a happy dance….”
~M. from Surrey
I’ve lost 18 pounds so far, also with portion control and exercise…determined to lower my blood pressure and improve my life…I feel fantastic so far!!!”
~B. from Vancouver
“Well, as of yesterday, I have been tracking for two months.  I have lost 14 pounds and 21.5 inches…I am definitely seeing the results.”
~L. from Boston
I lost 5 pounds in a week!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!!!”
~M. from Milwaukee
“Had my official weigh in for my family contest, I am down 16 pounds in 4 weeks.  I have a goal to lose another 15 before the contest ends in about a month.”
~C. from Ft. Lauderdale
“I have exciting news!!!  Back when I first started OnTarget Nutrition, I had just signed back up to the gym without seeing big results but since I have monitored my eating habits, making an honest effort exercising, walking my dog ‘Jack’, and being aware of my emotions – I have lost 11 lbs and 21 inches.  Woohoo!”
~J. from Columbus
First week and I am down 2.6 lbs.  It’s a good start!”
~K. from Ann Arbor
“I need to lower my cholesterol by 60 points within 3-6 months to avoid having to go on meds (not to mention all the positive benefits).  I love the nutrition tools to see how well I’m sticking to the plan.”
~R. from Atlanta
“I’ve been using OTN for a month now and have lost 7 lbs!!!  I am definitely proud of myself for having the determination to keep going, and faithfully monitor everything I’ve been doing and eating this month.”
~J. from Lincoln
“I love OnTarget Nutrition, partly because of the “recipe builder”, I can enter the ingredients of a recipe which doesn’t include nutritional values, or change a recipe to include alternate ingredients (lower fat choices) and it calculates all the stats per serving for me.  Yay!”
~C. from Chantilly
“Wow, this is great.  I copied a recipe from an online source with the nutritional information, and it was almost exact – I will try the recipe this weekend and select ‘share’ if it is good – it is for Low Fat Cranberry Orange Muffins…”
~C. from Knoxville
“The recipe builder is the main reason I chose OTN over another site.  The other site had no recipe feature and I do a lot of my own cooking.” 
~A. from Hillsboro
“It is great to not have to completely change my eating habits, just make better choices and regulate the portion sizes!!  It’s amazing!:)”
~M. from Pittsburgh
“5 weeks done and I am almost ¼ of the way to my goal.”
~C. from Ft. Worth
“This site is awesome….I have lost 25 lbs so far with the help of tracking my nutrition here, such a wonderful tool to assist with goals.  Have a great day everybody!”
~D. from Miami
“I started in February and so far I have lost 22 lbs.  I am really pleased with myself:)"
~D. from St John’s
“I’m new to OnTarget Nutrition and so far I love how easy it is.”
~K. from Dartmouth
“I love how easy it is to navigate these tools.”
~B. from Mountain View
“Wednesday completes 3 months for me – I am really into entering the info everyday and it totally keeps me honest.”
~Z. from Jacksonville
“This is the beginning of my third week – I love it!!!  Everyone on here is very supportive and I am consistently aware of my eating habits and inputting my daily food allowance – even if I eat that cookie.”
~J. from London
“First month down with a 33 lb weight loss and I’m very happy with the results.”
~A. from Charlotte
“My professor told me about OnTarget Nutrition.  I am attending Culinary School so you can imagine the yummy food we get to eat.  So far I am always under my daily calorie target.  I’m addicted to this site.  It makes me feel good about losing weight and myself.”
~C. from Missoula
“My weight is starting to come off!!!  I’ve lost 7 lbs, now to work on the other 53.  So glad I found this site.” 
~N. from Portland
“What a cool website.  I cannot wait to share OTN with my clients.”
~M. from Grand Rapids
“One month and 15 lbs so far, only 66 more to go……but feels good this time!”
~T. from Edmonton
“I focus on small goals which help me get to the bigger goal.  I’ve lost 97lbs, but still want to lose about 60 more lbs.”
~P. from Austin
“How cool is OTN!  I am a Beach Body coach and I plan to use this alongside my beach body fitness programs:)  I love the calendar that shows your whole month at once.”
~H. from San Francisco
“OTN has really helped me with tracking and I am more aware of my eating now.  This is an awesome site!!!”
~S. from Melbourne
“I’ve been on Nutri-system (back in my twenties) weight watchers (a few times), Curves, done the pill stuff and now I’m here and honestly, I’m loving this because I feel I can be really honest – the other programs I would cheat but never cared – here, at OTN, I get support all day long every day – not just on Thurs (weight watchers weekly meetings).  I can honestly say you guys are awesome!!!”
~J. from St. Paul
“I feel great and my clothes are definitely starting to hang on me!!! YAY!!!” 
~K. from Mount Pleasant
“I am down to 196.5 lbs today…10lbs but I already feel better.”
~C. from New Haven
“I’ve been here for almost a week and lost 3 lbs already just keeping track and doing some exercise.  This is a VERY good site to be on.”
~S. from Windsor
“I started 3 weeks ago and am seeing very positive results.  I am learning a lot by seeing my daily nutritional intake and trying to make healthier choices.  One day at a time, it will be worth it.”
~C. from Boulder
“I am losing 3 lbs a week if I keep this up, we are doing it!:)”
~S. from Santa Monica
“I am happy with my progress and on track with my goal of 3 lbs per week.”
~T. from Lahaina
“I LOVE this site.  I like the way it keeps me aware of the percentages of protein, carbs, & fat consumed on a daily basis, especially since I know what my personal trainer wants me to consume.”
~B. from Waverly
“It’s only been 15 days and it’s getting easier every day.”
~K. from Macon
“I am on day 17 and down 9 lbs.  I am actually looking forward each day to my healthier foods.”
~C. from College Park
“Down 23 lbs total so far…Doing great and feeling better!”
~A. from Garden City
“This is great for tracking my food intake.  Really like that you can add your “custom” foods and recipes and add them whenever you eat them.”
~G. from Rockland
“I love this site.  My husband is even using it and that’s a miracle.”
~K. from Fremont
“I’ve tried other sites and like OnTarget Nutrition much better.”
~M. from Ocean Springs
“This site has great tracking tools but really like the ability to create custom foods and recipes.”
~G. from Langdon
“This site is actually helping me to have more control:)”
~S. from Dover
“Loving what my scale says everyday and even more so today!”
~A. from Princeton
“OnTarget Nutrition is a GREAT program.  Love the interaction and how everything is laid out.”
~B. from Edison
“Last day of the first week today, I love my results already.  YAY me!!”
~R. from Sound Beach
“I really like the detailed nutritional info here.  Have lost 40 lbs so far and working to cement my resolve to reach my goal health weight.”
~B. from Springboro
“I’ve created all my custom foods and recipes for meals I regularly eat and adding foods is quick and easy.  2 months in and still on target.  Thanks OnTarget Nutrition!”
~S. from Wellington
“Happy to find OnTarget, it’s nice to find a tool that tracks nutrition, not just calories.  Sure, I want to lose weight, but I’m more concerned with my overall health.”
~P. from Brookings
“I find food diaries very helpful to keep your weight on track.  I have enjoyed creating my own recipes and adding Australian foods.”
~A. from Adelaide
“This website is really awesome!”
~L. from Cherry Hill

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