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Healthy Weight Loss - Take Control Of Your Weight & Health

At OnTarget Nutrition, we are dedicated to helping millions of people achieve safe and consistent weight loss and keep it off.  Also, as our name implies, OnTarget Nutrition reaches far beyond just weight loss and encourages you to make positive changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.  We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to reaching weight and health goals. While other programs treat people as averages we recognize our members as individuals and provide personalized goals and experience. Just as our members are one-of-a-kind so is OnTarget Nutrition.

A few examples of how OnTarget Nutrition is unique & why our members succeed:

How Does OnTarget Nutrition Work?
The most effective and healthiest way to lose weight and reach health goals is to track your progress.  Tracking calories, nutrition, weight, and exercise reveals what choices are helping and hurting your diet.

Why Does OnTarget Nutrition Work?
OnTarget Nutrition works because it is built on a solid scientific foundation.  First, an analysis of your calorie and nutrition needs is made based on your personalized diet profile and USDA Dietary Guidelines. Next your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and weight goal are used to calculate the calorie deficit (or surplus) needed to reach your target weight.  And to make it easiest for our members, the calorie deficit is automatically included in their daily calorie target. Meet your daily calorie target and reach your target weight! 

Who Uses OnTarget Nutrition?
A variety of people use OnTarget Nutrition, our members include teachers, students, fitness trainers, nutritionists, physicians, hospital groups, families, corporate wellness groups, and more.  

It’s simple, the more you track the easier it becomes. The easier it is for you the more likely you will stay on target and succeed.  No gimmicks, fads, diet pills, or major food changes needed. Just sensible and reliable weight loss that will reward you with life-long results!

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