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Food Diary

A food diary is like a secret ingredient to successful weight loss and a balanced diet. The heart of OnTarget Nutrition lies within its one-of-a-kind S.M.A.R.T. Food Diary and Daily Details tool. Tracking all aspects of your diet has never been easier or faster!

Simple - Set personalized weight goals and nutrition targets.
Motivating - Measure your progress at a glance.
Accurate - Advanced calorie counting and nutrition tracking.
Realistic - Reach your goals based on your own timeline.
Tracking - Track calories eaten, burned, and remaining to meet your calorie target.

Food Diary
Food Diary
Exercise Tracker
Exercise Tracker


The Right Tools help you succeed!

food-searchIntuitive Food Search
OnTarget Nutrition's extensive food database remembers what you eat most to make food entry fast.
add-custom-foods-and-recipesCustom Foods & Recipes
Add your own custom foods and recipes. (Note: You can also find 1000's of new and healthy recipes in Community Recipes.)
recipe-builderRecipe Builder
Build recipes with your ingredients and the recipe builder calculates the nutrition.
food-recipe-sharing Food & Recipe Sharing
Many members that join with family and friends eat homemade meals together. With the share foods and recipes feature only one of you needs to create the new food or recipe, others simply search by name to add it.
favorite-foodsFavorite Foods & Recipes
Create a menu of your favorite foods and recipes for fast food entry.
copy-foods-and-exerciseCopy Date to Date
Plan ahead by copying foods, meals, and exercise to future dates. (This time saving feature is a favorite among members).

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