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Food Calorie Calculator & Diet Tracking Tools !

Everything you need to track your diet and reach your weight goals.

Food Diary
Food Diary
Exercise Tracker
Exercise Tracker

food-searchPowerful Search
OnTarget Nutrition's extensive food database is easy to search and also has a unique system to intelligently show you the foods you eat most.
add-custom-foods-and-recipesCustom Foods
Add your own custom foods quickly and easily. Share foods with other members of the OnTarget Nutrition community or just within your private group.
Create a menu of favorite foods and recipes to make entry even easier.
copy-foods-and-exerciseCopy Date to Date
Plan ahead - Copy foods, meals, recipes and exercise activities to any other dates in your calendar. This unique feature can save you a lot of time!
recipe-nutrition-calculatorRecipe Builder
Create recipes based on our large database or use your own ingredients and custom foods. The Recipe Builder calculates the nutritional values automatically!
weight-nutrition-reportsCharts & Reports
Track your success and trends with a variety of custom charting tools. Monitor your weight, Nutrition values and even custom data!
Add exercise activities to the exercise tracker, create custom exercises, and track calories burned.
ontopic-community-supportOnTopic Community
Find weight loss support and share healthy tips to stay motivated and on target.

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